3D Kickboxer Redux Wants to be The Expendables of Kickboxing With Jaa, Adkins, Bautista, St. Pierre


So, how do you replace Jean-Claude Van Damme and that Tiger dude?

You get Scott Adkins, whom Van Damme has seemingly been trying to groom as a successor for years now. You get Tony Jaa. You smartly cast Georges St. Pierre and Dave Bautista right before Marvel turns them both into major comic-book characters.

Oh, and Alain Moussi, who was Stryker’s stunt double in X-Men: Days of Future Past is also in it. He’s probably an okay fighter too.

Here’s the funny thing – they’re actually using the original character names, with French-speaking Moussi following in Van Damme’s spin-kicking footsteps as “Kurt Sloan.” And for big bad Tong Po, they got Batista. I know it’s the name-brand recognition that matters, but they could have easily called the guys some other names and made a movie about kickboxing without bothering to buy the rights to that specific film.