Ask Luke’s Mother-in-Law: Who Is Adam Henry? The Answer May Surprise You…


Martha Boyd is not just Luke’s mother-in-law – she’s also an ex-cop, a landlord, a self-described crazy cat lady, a major Star Trek geek and the widow of a green beret. So go ahead: ask her anything. And we mean anything.

Hello, hello and thank you all for the words of support. Nothing P.O.’d me this week – how about that, so nothing to rant about, LOL. Was looking through the computer and I don’t even have any new photos this week – must be slipping, so here’s one of my ferret.

I just spent time still trying to get rid of my cold and trying to do appraisals in between sneezing. So I just poured another ice coffee and added some Coffee spirits – after all it has to be 5 p.m. somewhere in the world. That’s also what I tell my mom when we go to Mexico and I am having a pina colada at 11 am. Yes, my 89 yr-old mom still corrects me, so don’t feel bad. Hope all of our readers up in the Northern parts of California are okay and did not have damage from the recent earthquake, but it does look like the price of CA wine might be heading up. Napa really got hit hard.

Well anyway, on with the questions.

In response to FXX airing every Simpson episode ever in a marathon, I ask you this question: What show would you want to watch every episode in a marathon?

There are several. Star Trek (OS), Happy Days, Little House on the Prairie, Adam 12, Dragnet, Police Story, Love Boat. I could go on but that is most likely enough for the first few months of watching.

Hi Martha:
Anyone who doesn’t like you has other issues that can’t be solved easily. You like Adam-12, for Christ’s sake. That makes you awesome in my book.

Thank you

As to my question: If you had your choice between Jim Rockford’s ’74 Firebird Esprit or Thomas Magnum’s (well, technically Robin Masters’) ’80 Ferrari 308 GTS which would you pick?

The Ferrari, but the Firebird is pretty sweet too. Been in both cars ages ago. Fast cars are fun. In my younger days I used to do some street racing.

Also, if you could go back in time and kill any historical figure, would you? If so, which one?

Oh my, there are so many worthy subjects. I can think of a few who unfortunatly are still alive and in our prison systems who I really hate having to work to support. They are total wastes of taxpayer dollars and there is no reason to suspect that they were falsely accused. So let’s go back further in time, so I don’t risk a stupid lawsuit by defaming some living Adam Henry.

Hitler is a good candidate.

When making spaghetti, I usually have more noodles than are needed, or not enough.
How should I estimate how much to make per person?

A good rule of thumb is to use about the size of a quarter for each serving, and a nickel for smaller eaters. I have also seen in kitchen shops a plastic gadget that measures spaghetti serving sizes, but if you don’t have a store like that close, a quarter works. Also try online; you can probably find one. I did find several on for under $5.00 – search “spaghetti measure.” An entire box of spaghetti is a pound and that should serve 4-6 people.

I picture you doing your rant about the guy who complain in a very stern mother voice. Like the type you here when you in deep s**t. Anyways, just shake the haters off cause plenty of people love your column including me.

Thanks I mostly use my mom voice with my cats now, but somtimes LYT and Julia give me reason to drag it out.

My question is if you build a house of red bricks, a blue house of blue bricks, a black house of black bricks. What do you build a green house from?
Also if its a brick house, is it mighty and letting everything hangout?

Hey I live in a red brick house, with a red roof and red trim. It’s pretty sturdy and held up thru a 7+ earthquake several years ago and we were only a few miles from the epicenter. I am knocking on a lot of wood right now, really don’t want to try it again.

As to building the green house. Well 1) you could use green bricks like the red and blue ones, 2) of all glass or plastic as that is how green houses are constructed for gardens or 3) of environmentally friendly building materials – green construction is starting to catch on in places. Bet you did not think I would come up with 3 answers.

There is a episode of TNG where Picard says that first contact is very important beause a bad first contact with the Klingon led to a war.
I thought this was a very interesting idea as it showed how simple misunderstanding between two different societies and species could happen with neither side being in the wrong
But later on in the series and spin offs the Klingon seemed to get more base and would just react to everything by getting angry and running at it and saying something about honor
In Enterprise they explain that on first contact the Klingon will attack a ship to see how strong it is and wont stop till either one is destroyed and that disabling a Klingon ship so it cant attack you is seen as a grave insult and dishonorable
which makes a peaceful first contact with them impossible and ruins the great scenario Picard talked about
So my question is this.
Has new infromation on something you like be it a sequel prequel or spinoff ever ruined it for you

Yeah, some species are just plan pissy. Picard had it right that the first contact is very important. Haven’t you heard that the first impression is generally the lasting one? We are told from the time we are little that first impressions, meetings, contact etc. are always important. After all, if you don’t make a good first impression you may not get the chance at a second, or you may have to work really hard to correct things the next time you meet.

I don’t generally care of prequels or sequels. I will have to say, though, that at first I did not want anything to do with the first prequel for Star Trek when Kirk, Spock etc. were young and just going to StarFleet. However after a few friends saw the movie and said it was good and true to the story I decided to see it. I was surprised it was pretty good and I enjoyed it. So I can use additional information to update my opinion on something.

Dear Ms. Ppraisal,

I looked back in on the contest page and the main guy criticizing this column and your contribution seems to have just created his account this month. That implies that he activated an account just to give voice to the fact that he doesn’t care for this column.

Yes, I think he should try it for a bit. He just seemed to need a bone to pick at the time for no real reason.

I hope you aren’t letting that get you down. There are a great many of us “regular suspects” that use this site to connect to one another in place of (or in supplement to) facebook. We like this column in part because you reinforce an inclusive and family-like atmosphere. I hope Luke is proud of the community he has allowed to blossom under his watch.

Thanks, I’m not letting it get to me as I like the vast majority of the new friends that I have made doing this week to week. All of you keep me on my toes with the questions. My circle of friends has expanded with TR. Most of my friends in the past were my husband’s friends and that was mostly cops. I am very proud of Luke and his work here. I read TR every day, share and comment. He is tough to work for, but he only wants to put out the best for his readers.

My question then, is this:

You think you can get him to swing me a bumper sticker or a tee shirt? I wear a 3X because, you know, fat guy.

I know he has some T-shirts, but they are womens sizes. He did have some stickers (not bumper) made up for Comic Con; he might still have some. I have been asking for some of the stickers as I want to give them out when I meet someone and talk about TR. Going to have to bug him on that one again – are you listening Luke? Maybe you could send Mr. Polk a couple of stickers. We will have to talk about bumper stickers soon as I would love to have one for my car. Hint, hint.

[Ahem – this is where you get ’em. I can buy you one but they’re made to order only. – LYT]

I’ll second this. I love this site and your column. I’m hesitant to post questions sometimes, only because I have caught myself asking something similar to one you already answered.
I guess it would be good memory training to keep track of them all but it seems like a lot of work.

Never worry about repeating, I can’t remember what I have answered half of the time.

Instead you can just ignore my repeats.

So question time. I know you like cats. If you rules out the regular critters people have as pets, cats, dogs, birds. What type of animal would like to have as a pet?

We have had a couple of interesting critters. For a long time we had a pair of ferrets, boy and a girl. They were resuced from the Marine base in 29 Palms. They are not welcome in California and when base housing found them on an inspection they had to go into the witness protection system, i.e. my house. A S.Sgt who also had some, but lived off base got them and then transferred them to my house. Most of the time they lived in a large cage, but every day they came out and played with the cats. They all loved to roll around and chase each other. Now I have a pic to upload to Luke it will be of the ferrets.

The other interesting animals that we had were wolves. And again, they are not friends of the state. One was a gift from an Indian Medicine Man that my husband was friends with and the other followed Julia home from college. They were recorded as malamutes; however, a local vet knew what they were as he dealt with exotic animals and the local animal control guy also knew and he knew we were were responsible owners. Both were so friendly and loving. They would tuck Julia into bed every night when she was living at home. They loved the cats. I even found one sleeping by the pool one day with a bunny snuggled up against it.

Who exactly did Rob think would want all the small and medium shirts in this box of them I inherited?

Well, the next time you see me you can deliver a women’s medium. I think it would fit. But I agree: men’s Large and X-Large would be better as the gals could use them as night shirts and the guys could use as regular t-shirts.

Sean B:
Best advice/resources for starting an in-person tabletop gaming group when you’ve been out of the hobby for a few years and your former group mates are scatted to the winds?

How about starting a class which then forms groups at you local community center? Parks/rec programs are always looking for offerings. You teach the game to bring in new people and you also have seasoned players who are looking for others of like interest.

Well, that’s it for this week. Hope you all have a great and safe Labor Day weekend. I am getting to see LYT and the Mrs. – going to feed that boy more of my good cooking. Making burritos, chili fritos and clam rolls. Hopefully the weather will be nice so we can get in some swimming. Anyway be good to each other this week. Take care all, and Huggs.

As always, keep your questions coming, be they foolish, philosophical or anything else! Any questions submitted in comments below will be included in future columns.