Assassin’s Creed to Get Mega Bloks


I’m surprised Todd McFarlane didn’t snap this license up for his Nipple-O sets, but like Halo, I guess it got away from him. The video game often abbreviated, completely unironically as far as I can tell, to “AssCreed” will be getting its Lego-esque rendition from Mega Bloks, where it joins Halo, Hello Kitty, Call of Duty and Barbie. And with Mattel owning Mega Bloks, is it a matter of time before they take Todd’s major licenses not called The Walking Dead away from him?

I’d love to see the reverse of that, with McFarlane getting Masters of the Universe. Total pipedream, but you know his She-Ra would be smokin’ and his Skeletor would be scary as shit.