Donald Glover Finally Gets to Be Spider-Man – for One Animated Episode


Glover famously campaigned to take Tobey Maguire’s place in the movies, which in hindsight looks like a far better idea than it might have seemed to some at the time. But with great Twitter irresponsibility came great power, and now he’s voicing Miles Morales in an arc of the current animated series that involves parallel realities.

At 30, Glover’s a bit old to do it in live-action, but I’m 100% for the current onscreen Peter Parker getting killed off and replaced by Miles. As I don’t know any 13 year-old actors out there right now, I have no casting suggestions – probably a young-looking 18 year-old to get around child labor laws – but playing it safe hasn’t worked so far.

Just please don’t let Milo Manara draw him

h/t SlyDante777