How Marvel’s Movies Would Look With “No Jokes” – Pretty Badass, Actually


Hey, have you heard? DC wants “no jokes” in their superhero movies!

(And yet they cast Ben Affleck. Rimshot!)

Actually, nobody at DC has come out and said that in any official capacity, but that hasn’t stopped every site out there from writing about it. The story originates at HitFix, where Drew McWeeny talks about hearing it, and essentially dares DC to come out and confirm or deny it. I suspect that there are folks at WB/DC who want more serious movies, and also perhaps that the ones who like levity may be baiting sites like ours to demonstrate that there is a demand for some humor.

In a curious bit of timing, an editor named Gen Kim today sent me a supercut of the most serious and sad moments in the major Marvel movies, where pain and defeat exist alongside triumph. There is no humor in the four-and-a-half minute reel, and guess what? It still kicks major ass.

Watch it and realize – Marvel doesn’t need “jokes,” and the competition doesn’t need to fear them. It’s about making good movies, plain and simple.