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17 Stories You May Have Missed: Chicken Gimp Suit, Lego Mario, Weaponized Horse Crap, More


Hello Kitty in Space

SummerSlam happened this weekend (result: John Cena gets time off to make movies), as did my best friend’s birthday, so it’s a treat to catch up on things that happened elsewhere, about which I did not know. With the aid of Kyle LeClair, here are some reader-submitted stories we might not have caught otherwise.

This week’s tipsters include: troi, Anyone00, jaganar, SlyDante777, Gallen_Dugall, Timely_Flower-Hermit, Dr.Gonzo82

1. Sexy Bob-omb.

Check out level one of Mario 64 in Lego, pilgrim.

2. Chicken Flesh Gimp Suit.

It’s really a pretty poultry guise.

3. Get Some Head (Shots).


This year’s Halloween horror mazes give you guns to shoot back at zombies. No way that can go south…

4. Smega-def.

Red Dwarf is coming back! Prepare to flash back to a more innocent age when young sci-fi viewers thought “Rimmer” was just a character name.

5. Old Queen Coleman.

Not that The Mirror is remotely reliable, but it does seem that Jenna-Louise Coleman may be on her way out of the TARDIS. Who can fill her spot? Yes.

6. Felling Like a Horse’s Ass?

In the new Metal Gear Solid, total horseshit can save the day. Literally.

7. Jaws 3:16 Says I Just Bit Your Ass.

Steve Austin discusses how he’d fare against a shark. Syfy presumably will offer him way too little money for the movie rights.

8. Poke Me, Mon.

I’m pretty sure “Mega Slowbro” is what my siblings call me.

9. I Am Beaut.

Until Hasbro makes official Dancin’ Baby Groots, one guy made his own, and can show you how.

10. It’s a Trap!


What would you put in the “fanny pack for your rack”?

11. Slammin’.

It squishes air to start a fire? I’m sorry, you said “slam rod” and my mind went in a totally different direction.

12. III-Fold.

I’m not entirely sure that neutron bombs are a good idea if you want to start a colony later, Galactic Civilizations III.

13. Pop Goes the Weasel.

One of the inventors of pop-up ads apologizes. I say we fit him with a “blocker.”

14. Crowning Glory.

Head transplants work, except you’ll be paralyzed and die soon after.

15. A Robosexual Lifestyle.

If you can hang in there 11 more years, the government might pay for your sex robot.

16. Forward, Until Dawn.

Larry Fessenden is working on a game that looks a million times more expensive than any of his movies…but not necessarily that much better.

17. Flashy in the Pan.

Spirograph pancakes were almost certainly not the brainchild of a stone-cold sober person.

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