The Guardians of the Galaxy Will Discover Venom’s Home Planet



Oh, not in the movies. Legally, that can’t happen. But Brian Michael Bendis is having a blast with the fact that he can do it on the page.

“I looked it up and I was like no, there’s been a planet we’ve seen taken over by symbiotes, but have we not seen the planet of the symbiotes?” Bendis said. “I called [Marvel Senior Vice President Of Publishing] Tom Brevoort, I go, could it be that even in the craziness of the ’90s when it was Venom, Venom, Venom every five seconds, that this story has not been told? And he goes, yeah we’ve never been there. And I’m like, now I have to do it! It’s crazy.”

So, uh…this all an excuse to market a ton of Rocket Raccoon-as-Venom action figures, right? Or to have the following dialogue scene?
“I am Groot.”
“We are Venom.”
“I am Groot.”
“We Are Venom.”

Just explain to me why they all have spiders on their chest when they’ve presumably never met Spider-Man, and we’ll be good.