The Ice Bucket Challenge Halloween Costume Is Really Terrible


I’m sure most of you know by now about the ice bucket challenge, in which people theoretically raise awareness and money for ALS (a.k.a. Lou Gehrig’s disease) by dumping ice water over their heads. Because humans love to do silly things, it seems to be working and getting more ALS funding than ever before, so kudos on that.

You could mock the costume above – which is a thing that is for sale, for making even more light of something that’s arguably making light of something else, but I’ll leave that to pundits whose job it is to tackle life-threatening diseases. My objections are simpler. Firstly, what good is a costume where you have to hold something above your head all night? That’s like the kind of torture they make prisoners do to stay awake.

Secondly, don’t these Halloween costumers know that everything needs to be “sexy” nowadays? If you’re going to go tacky, go all in and turn the bucket into a bra somehow.

first noticed by Johnathan Weeks, it seems