Tommy Wiseau Just Released a New Clip From The Neighbors and It’s as Awesomely Awful as You’d Hope


The Room‘s director/star/alien mascot is widely believed to have been playing a version of himself in his notorious feature – a perfect man with a weird accent and an excess of black hair dye, betrayed by a conniving woman who turned evil for no reason. Here, though, he’s trying to play a “character,” with the aid of a varsity jacket he’s maybe 40 years too old to wear, and a wig even Shatner would reject as too unrealistic.

The scene is like a bizarro-world variation on the Chris-R/Denny scene from The Room, with Wiseau’s Ricky Rick trying to collect some money and threatening to cut off a finger if it’s not repaid. It is, needless to say, the most unconvincing variation on such a scene you have ever witnessed in your life.

I need the rest of the series NOW.