Weekend Hangover: From Sharknado 3 to Running Jetpacks, 17 Stories You May Have Missed


Yes, Yondu is now in Disney Infinity, and even though they’ve stylized the design and probably don’t have to pay for Michael Rooker’s likeness, it’s clearly the MIchael Rooker version. Which means that Henry Lee Lucas can run wild in your personal Disney World.

Compiled with the help of Kyle LeClair, here are 16 more reader-submitted items from over the weekend that you may have missed. Tipsters include skrag2112, SlyDante777, Gallen_Dugall, Rx79immigrant84, NOT.DrAbraxas, Anyone00

1. Super Terrific Japanese Guardians

If you aren’t sick of that damn intro to “Hooked on a Feeling”…these Japanese Guardians of the Galaxy trailers are unique, to say the least.

2. Jumping Into Part 3


Sept. 11th is a hell of a day to announce that Sharknado 3 will take place in Washington DC.

Suggested tagline: “Today, it’s going to be the Great White house!”

3. How Weird, the Ducks

The DuckTales theme as sung by carefully edited movie clips…and a subtitler who doesn’t know what “derring-do” is.

4. Virtubronosity

This 19 year-old claims he’s been a My Little Pony fan since he was 6, which makes him pretty hardcore, since that means he liked it before the cartoons were actually good. His narration of the Oculus Ruft version of the game is priceless.

5. Ballsy Move

Somebody’s traveling the country with a giant testicle. But enough about Kim Kardashian. Here’s a dude with a big inflatable bollock.

6. Willie or Won’t He?

Because nothing sways vital national elections like a cartoon caricature of that country’s citizens, made by another nation thousands of miles away that thinks it’s better.

7. It’s Coarse. It’s Rough. It Gets Everywhere.

Sega’s unusual new gaming innovation – a game projected in a literal sandbox.

Just don’t let the cat near it.

8. Meep Meep!

Strapping on a jetpack in order to run faster? “That sounds like a great idea!” said Wile E. Coyote. “Can we put more dynamite in it?”

9. Little People. Hitting Each Other. (Metaphorically)

“Artificial Micro-Humans” isn’t a term you see in enough headlines nowadays. I’m picturing Oompa-Loompas.

10. Come and Get Your Marvel Love

Commercials for Destiny were already aping Guardians of the Galaxy – this player took it a step further. Points for NOT including “Hooked on a Feeling.”

11. Spank That Monkey to Death

Four sperm donations in ten days = DEATH!

Well, to be fair, it was China. There was probably lead in his food or something too.

12. Cake Pan

Here’s the thing: an edible cake billboard is cool. But Mr. Kipling’s cakes fucking suck. They’re like Hostess but without the tacit admission that their stuff is gloriously fake and bad for you. And Glace cherries are gross – instead of marinating them in Maraschino like we do, they just kinda frost them and make them totally fake-tasting in England.

What I’m saying is, you can have that cake and eat it. I’ll stick with blue-filling Twinkies.

13. Where’s the John?

If you want to know what the rebel ceremony at the end of Star Wars probably sounded like on set, prior to Mr. Williams’ music being added, this’ll do it.

14. Magicka: The Singening

I admit I don’t know much about Magicka 2, but this karaoke ad sung with a Transylvanian accent is a great way to get me interested.

15. Legendary Picture


Korra has a new haircut.

16. Everyone Cry When Jaws Die

Rest in peace, Richard Kiel. You left us shaken and stirred.