Talk and Relevant Discussions in Snark: “Robot of Sherwood” SPOILER Thread


My thoughts below:

-The episode title is a bit of a needless spoiler, no?

-Clara JUST hit it off with the military guy at school, and now she’s hitting on Robin Hood?

-This episode could have cut out a good five minutes of exposition. The talky bits at the end in which the theme of the episode got sledgehammered home was way too much, as was the Doctor reminding us viewers out loud what the significance of “The Promised Land” was. It’s like they forgot Doctor Who fans are smart ‘n nerdy.

-Love Capaldi’s stereotypical Scottishness coming to the fore. “Shut it, Hoodie!” The Malcolm-like temper tantrum in the dungeon, set off every time Robin laughed. The giant spoon was arguably a bit obviously eccentric…but it made me suspect Moffatt is a fan of The Room.

-The bit about how creating your own enemies is a terrible idea – jab at modern politics….or perhaps the Star Wars prequels? You should have known a modern sci-fi show is never going to go fully overt Marxist by the end.

-I guess every episode is going to tie into the big picture somehow, and given the use of gold in this episode, I’m thinking the Cybermen might be the big bad. Without that part, this was a great standalone, and I like the way the Doctor is now.

-The robots’ spaceship looked like a modified Palomino from The Black Hole. And it’s crewed by humanoid robots plus one insane person. Hmmmm.

-So next week we get another “ghost” story where it turns out to be an astronaut stuck between dimensions? Just once, I’d like one of these to turn out to be a genuine supernatural threat.

Your turn.