“Fall of Grayskull”: Teaser for Masters of the Universe Fan Film Has the Power


This is one of the better looking fan film teasers I’ve ever seen, and it ought to be – filmmaker Daniel Benedict is a renowned He-Man superfan, having designed Castle Grayskullman and thereby won Mattel’s Create-a-Character contest in the Classics toy line.

His movie, funded on Kickstarter, takes most of its stylistic cues from the 2002 cartoon and action figures, though the blonde bikini version of Teela comes from the original minicomics and the modern Classics toys, and Skeletor’s voice is closer to Frank Langella’s than the nasally whine common to both animated versions. With Mattel dragging their feet on ever approving anything for the proposed live-action movie, this is the next best thing we have…and fortunately, it would appear at this early stage to be pretty decent.

h/t Wine Ninja