Second Big Hero 6 Trailer Plays up the Sentiment


The interesting thing about this trailer is the way it’s trying to market to both boys and girls at once, as cued by the fact that it initially touts Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen and Tangled. You know, because we wouldn’t otherwise know/get that “the makers of” those films are DISNEY ANIMATION.

Yet why do I think their idea of marketing to girls is “sadness”? Not content to constantly bring up dead parents in its movies, Disney here focuses on a dead older brother, who was the original creator of Baymax in this telling. And then goes for a cheesy rock ballad that doesn’t seem to fit the humorous tone of what we’re seeing at all.

It still looks fun, but that temp music has to go. Let it go. Let it…awww shit, Disney subliminal marketing got to me, didn’t it?