Stealing NECA’s Idea, Funko Does Nintendo-Colors Freddy and Jason Reaction Figures for NYCC


I admit. there was a time when I still played with G.I. Joes, that I would have loved Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees in that scale. I can look at these now and say the sculpt isn’t great, but the version of me that was buying Joes also had Bob the Goon, so clearly it wasn’t all about looks.

Given NECA’s success with repainting their Freddy and Jason base bodies in Nintendo colors, and recently releasing a Mego-style version of that Jason color scheme as well, it’s not too surprising any other company with toy rights to the characters would take note – and these guys are now New York Comic Con exclusives, available at the Toy Tokyo booth.

And really, NECA has no room to complain – they did a Death Row Marv based on McFarlane’s, for example. The upstart has become the big dog.