Talk and Relevant Discussions in Snark – Doctor Who “Time Heist” SPOILER Thread


I’ll kick things off with a few thoughts in the spoiler space below…

-I like the wordplay with the name “Teller” for the new alien. Multiple possible meanings there.

-I presume it will be back, as it’s a new alien that can pose a real threat, and that suit must have been expensive so the BBC will want their money’s worth.

-Plotwise, I’m thinking this episode will fall apart under the slightest bit of logical scrutiny. Like, if he never gives out the phone number, wouldn’t they vanish from there, having never been summoned in the first place?

-Based on the way the episode began, I’m thinking the Doctor is Jigsaw from Saw. Which would explain the later Saw sequels better than anything else.

-While I seem to be one of the few who liked the twist in “The Beast Below,” wasn’t this basically the same thing at heart?

-Why is the Doctor saving a bank that caves people’s heads in on a regular basis?

– And seriously, now – there’s been time to get past the regeneration confusion. How is it that when it comes to his favorite race on his favorite planet (i.e. British people) he remains completely oblivious as to why they’d wear makeup or heels? Like, does he not recall that he had a granddaughter who lived among them and blended in? As much as I like Capaldi, he’s playing it as if there were no other Doctors before him (which could easily be the script’s fault). We need to have him interact with an earlier companion or ally.

Your turn.