Viral Video du Jour: “Envoy” Reimagines E.T. With a Modern Videogame-Style Alien


Even adults have a hard time nowadays understanding the government’s position in E.T. The alien’s a harmless botanist who heals things and has an anatomy as ill-suited to combat as you’ll ever see, yet he motivates you to pull guns walkie-talkies on children? Okay, maybe President Bricken insisted, but still…

Now…imagine if that alien who befriends your kid is a super-fighting robot fresh from battling Master Chief in the distant future. That’s a different story, and the one that “Envoy” is pitching in hopes of making a feature version. David Weinstein’s Spielberg rip-off skills are strong, but let’s see what he can do with more story. I’m game.

via It’sArtMag