Weekend Round-up and Open Thread, Anyone? Bueller?

SWE Brick

-A Lego Ferris Bueller diorama just won a Swedish “Adult Fans of Lego” contest, where the goal was a build based around a vehicle.

-My wife asked to borrow my absolute nerdiest outfit for an audition. Did I do good?

-A robot that can do your dishes, really slowly.

-EPCOT is replacing Norway’s “Maelstrom” ride with a Frozen attraction that I’m sure Norwegians will be happy to claim as patriotic triumph…not.

-The new Equestria Girls 2 trailer is pretty terrible.

Grand Theft Auto for PS4. Let me preemptively say it will probably be sexist.

-Yes, goddamn it, I am dying to try Burger King Japan’s new black burger. Grrrrr. Since I can’t, let me brood over here with my Crow soundtrack.

-Oompa, Loompa, Doompa Dee Raptors, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has missing chapters.