Cosplayer Ivy Adds Fuel to the Milo Manara Spider-Woman Fire

Ivy Pole on Twitter

Just when we all thought we were done talking about erotic comic artist Milo Manara and his sex-position cover of Spider-Woman, along comes a cosplayer who almost manages to duplicate the pose (there are more detailed images of it on her Facebook). Though she notes, “Yes, my back and my neck really hurt after trying to hold that pose for several minutes.”

While this doesn’t change the discussion of whether or not Manara is an appropriate artist for all-ages comics (fun fact: I was once hired to write a script based on Manara comics about a horny invisible man, and it was easily the worst thing I’ve ever written) it shows that his grasp of anatomy is maybe not quite as terrible as initially thought.

Now we just need to find a male cosplayer to try that infamous Rob Liefeld Captain America pose. Maybe Ivy can recommend someone.

h/t Briahlen Hand