Debut Trailer for Animated “Justice League: We Promise Aquaman Doesn’t Suck”


I will laugh my ass off if Jason Momoa gets a bleached blond mop-top. It’ll be amazing.

Anyway, it looks like DC’s tired of all the “Sea-man” jokes in pop-culture, so ahead of Arthur Curry’s live-action debut in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Cameos, they’re putting out this animated origin story positioning him as the only water-breathing guy who can stop a war between humans and undersea warriors. So he’s like Ed Harris in The Abyss, but with hair.

The only real groaner – I can forgive an undersea guy for mistaking Batman for a guy with powers – is the way Aquaman gets his name. Seriously, it’s dumb. But now that it’s happened here, maybe Zack Snyder won’t use the idea. We can but hope.