I READ YOUR FANFIC! America Molested by McDonald’s Happy Meals, Part 2


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Title: “America Goes To McDonald’s And Never Comes Back (Part 2 of 2)” by Konata101

Logline: “America,” a nation embodied herein by an overweight man with glasses named Alfred, investigates an empty McDonald’s. Or so he thinks. It’s full of evil, homicidal Happy Meals who proceed to have their way with him. So far, they’ve force fed him a cardboard box filled with fries. As we begin, he is being double-penetrated from the rear. Yeah. It gets bad.

Acts Involved: Anal rape, double-penetration, force-feeding, oral sex, anal leakage, defecation fetish, male lactation, cramming, male-impregnation, alien-style chestbursting live birth.

Participants: America, the McDonald’s Happy Meal creatures.

The Live Reading/Performance…

I READ YOUR FANFIC! Rapist Happy Meals vs. America, Part 2 from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.