Oh Dear…Johnny Depp’s a Furry Now

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Sigh…Another day, another really stupid costume for Johnny Depp, who finally ditched the clown-white facepaint for blue fur and dog ears as the Big Bad Wolf from the dark musical fairytale amalgam Into the Woods. Note to Depp: this is not better.

I admit I don’t know Into the Woods well at all, but I totally get why you might dress that way in a stage musical (except for the part about it being blue). But in a movie full of CGI beanstalks and thorns and stuff…THIS is your wolf? Was he auditioning for Avatar 2 and just refused to take the costume off?

Why do I get the feeling that if Johnny Depp did Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas today, he’d insist Hunter Thompson needs actual bat wings, and nobody would tell him “no”?