Talk and Relevant Discussions in Snark – Doctor Who Recap and SPOILER Thread, Tree-Hug Edition


My thoughts, then yours…

-EVERY recap I saw of this had massive spoiler warnings. And I kind of see why, because without the big spoiler, that isn’t even really much of one, there’s nothing there. Hey, look, trees! Why are they here? This is why! Okay then!

-There’s a special government division called COBRA? Did G.I. Joe: Retaliation teach you NOTHING?

-The kids are 100% right about people in love shouting.

– What’s with the holes in the Doctor’s shirt?

– The way the Doctor kind of hates kids but also trusts them in a weird way is perfect.

-Danny seems pretty dumb this episode. His priority is getting the kids to their parents? How about keeping them safe until the danger level has been assessed? Military readers, am I off-base here?

-Spiderwebs, but no giant spiders? Boo.

-Boy, people who thought the moon episode was pro-life are gonna have a field day with the fact that the Doctor vaguely seems to an endorse an anti-vaccination stance here.

-So Missy failed to anticipate the thing that happened, while the Doctor did? Way to make an arch-adversary totally less threatening, guys.

-Throwaway line about how futures they’ve been to could still be erased is the right kind of expositions: simple, vague, and clears the way for future episodes.

-Speaking of which, I’d be amazed if Doctor Who hadn’t explained the Tunguska explosion differently at some point in the past.

-Sleepovers in a museum? What school does that?

Your turn.