Talk and Relevant Discussions in Snark: Doctor Who “Flatline” SPOILER Recap


My thoughts below…

-This episode reminded me of the vintage ones where William Hartnell was sick and so the story was constructed around him being trapped somewhere remotely. Is Peter Capaldi okay? Was he doing reshoots for Paddington that week?

-Two-dimensional threats that hide in drawings? Once again, I know the Doctor has PTSD or whatever, and over 50 years almost every idea will come up, but is it really so hard for him to remember that he encountered something similar DURING THE LAST OLYMPICS?

-Let’s just not bother with secret identities any more. Marvel doesn’t. Fuck it. Let the Doctor go fully public on TV next episode.

-Psychic paper not working on people with no imagination is a nice touch. Like how I could never fool my mother.

-You say “Flatline,” you’ve been setting up an arc about the afterlife, and I expect an episode that deals with that. Way to be coy and kind of a bait-and-switchy jerk.

-So the TARDIS becomes the Hellraiser cube when threatened? Does this mean Cenobites are Time Lords? Or just that there’s a Time Lord out there who likes to torture anyone to the point of sexual fetish who figures out how to enter his TARDIS? That’s a crossover which’ll never happen. But should. Fanfic writers…GO!!!

-Is the Doctor making friends with black kids every week just so his distrust of Mr. Pink won’t seem racist?

-Clara’s impersonation of the Doctor was funny, but should have been funnier. Jenna doing a fake Scottish accent all episode would probably have been horrendous, but likely hilarious too.

Your turn.