The Walking Dead Recap and SPOILER Thread – Four Walls Closin’ in, Getting Bigger


Let’s talk…

-“Tainted meat” was a great comeback, but isn’t this an insanely long incubation period for a zombie bite, relative to every other one we’ve ever seen?

-Green filters borrowed from David Fincher, I presume.

-Sheamus is awfully antsy. Half a day more and everyone would have gone with him.

-Also, last week he was super-bothered about Michonne bashing a zombie’s head in; this week he’s doing the same thing to a live human being. How’s that better?

-Love that everyone turned into slasher-killers. I condemn such violence in real life, but on my TV horror show, I don’t want touchy-feely, unless entrails are being touched and felt.

-Fuckin’ baby, giving away their position and shit.

-Gareth was such an annoying tool that even though he’d have made an easily hateable villain long-term, I’m glad they took him out now, and brutally. He’s also the only guy ever named Gareth to not be English.

-If that’s Gabriel’s big sin, it’s pretty weak.

-Why exactly would we need Rick so badly in a hypothetical post-cure world? Crazy PTSD guys who get really good at killing aren’t necessarily the rebuilding type.

-Tyreese’s reluctance to kill is pretty obviously leading to a big failing or crisis point.

Now you.