Top-Down Smackdown: Kazarian, Lawler, Booker T and More Kickstart a Comic. Plus: Bond-tista?


Headlocked, a comic by Michael Kingston, tells the story of a theater major who leaves it all behind to follow his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. Kingston, who sounds like Daniel Bryan if you close your eyes and listen to him talking, calls the comic his own personal defense of fandom, as well as an antidote to the wrestling comics that have traditionally not been very good (there’s a reason the best movies about wrestling are documentaries – the true stories are usually more interesting than the fiction the companies portray. Ditto wrestling comic books).

And real-life wrestlers have become fans: so much so that Kickstarter donors to the second issue will receive exclusive bonus stories written by the likes of John Morrison, Booker T, Kazarian, AJ Styles and Tony Atlas. And Jerry Lawler’s contributing original artwork too.

Meanwhile, those of you not clamoring for an in-ring return for Batista may get your wish. Latino Review is reporting – and other sources are semi-corroborating – that he’ll play a major henchman role in the next James Bond film.

A bad guy named HINX.

Hinx? As in He-Jinx? Jinx, as you may remember, was Halle Berry’s character in Die Another Day, intended for a spinoff series that never happened, as her name proved prophetic.

Or maybe Batista only plays characters whose names end in “x” now.

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