Weekend Open Thread and Last-Minute Halloween Things…


Happy Halloween, everyone!

Again this week we’ll have no thread recap Monday as David N. Scott’s coverage of Stan Lee’s Comikaze will be the morning feature. I don’t have a lot to leave you with tonight, but I’m not without a couple of tricks and treats, like…

-A trailer for an Iranian feminist vampire western. Not kidding. Do you think they fear crescents instead of crosses?

Spongebob 3D gets a second trailer that appears to be turning Patrick into Majin Buu.

-Todd McFarlane claims to have Spawn movie news again.

-The makers of Paranormal Activity just announced a line of horror books, now that they’ve gotten you used to having to imagine things rather than actually seeing them.

-It’s not really nerdy at all, but if you want to see me and Julia (and our cat) acting in a web series, now you can.