In the New Fantastic Four Movie, Dr. Doom Is a Programmer Named Domashev


Remember how ballistic fans nearly went when it was rumored that the last big-screen Dr. Doom was going to be named “Victor Van Damme”?

How does “Victor Domashev” strike you?

While discussing the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Blu-ray, Toby Kebbell let that tidbit slip, while also mentioning that the character is an anti-social programmer who uses the screen-name “Doom” on social media.

Hmm. Well, we were getting tired of comic-book movies being faithful to the characters right? Oh, we weren’t?

Look, just please give him a voice that will blow Julian McMahon away. It’s hard to know how changes work when you don’t have the big picture, but McMahon’s totally un-intimidating proclamations were the absolute worst aspect of the prior movies. And given how many things people hate about those, that’s saying something.