Jaxxon Returns to Star Wars! But Only on a Variant Comic Cover


Often the butt of fanboy jokes back in the day, Marvel’s green space-rabbit Jaxxon has only gained in esteem since George Lucas managed to create a floppy eared character even more annoying than he could ever be. These days, mentioning Jaxxon is one of the small slices of geek-cred left in a world where everyone seems to know everything about Star Wars. Name-dropping him is your ace in the hole against people who think knowing the name “Ponda Baba” is nerdy.

Fittingly, his reappearance requires similar nerd-cred – this variant cover will only be available at “Launch Parties” for Marvel’s Star Wars #1, the details of which I know not. But maybe it’s time to pick a new obscure character to champion – Cody Sun-Childe, anyone?