Red and Blue Terminator Figures, in Case You Wanna Simulate Gang Wars or Political Debates


Whether you’d like to see the Crips and the Bloods battles as cyborgs, or enact Team R vs. Team D political debates with a more definitive, plasma-rifle-enhanced ending, this new toy two-pack gives you one red T-800 endoskeleton, and one blue to represent whichever primary color faction battle you wish.

They’re based on the Robocop vs. Terminator 16-bit video game – or as we might call it today, Robocop vs. Terminator Sega Genysis – which by necessity had simpler color palettes, and hues designating different strengths. It’s too bad there’s no white one for a Fourth of July three-pack.

Scary thought – with both movie franchises rebooting, the crossover could actually happen now. Meanwhile, let these figure kick the red and blue out of each other when they show up shortly at Toys R Us.