A Talking Monkey Trains a Dog to Be a Pro-Wrestler in Russell Madness Trailer


Madness, indeed. Wait for the part where they actually say, “The strongest tag team is family!” Presumably, they’re trying to make a Russell/wrestle pun, but considering that I’ve never heard the phrase “Wrestle Madness: uttered before in all my years of fandom, they kinda blew it.

I’m actually starting to feel bad for John Morrison, who now seems to be every cheap-ass movie’s go-to pro wrestler. Dude had real talent that just isn’t much in evidence any more, and now he’s beating up a dog and playing third-fiddle to a monkey. The best part is that the talking animals aren’t even the least realistic thing about the movie, which also features a wrestling mummy and apparently the concept that the fights are entirely real.

via Uproxx