Boom! Studios Teases Bill and Ted Comic Book


The image above is the entirety of their press release on the subject. But it leads to some fascinating possibilities.

Will the comics play it safe, and focus only on the years between the excellent adventure and the bogus journey? Will it – or can it – show them middle-aged, or would that detract from the alleged sequel that’s been almost as long in the making as Ghostbusters 3? Given that their entire future was mapped out during the end credits of their last film, can that change? Will their phone booth be as outdated nowadays as the TARDIS’ exterior? Will Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves’ likenesses be used, or will it go with the animated series look? Will kids today understand such antiquated phrases as “Don’t forget to wind your watch”?

So many questions. I presume the answer to all of them is “Station!”