Chewbacca’s Looking Good for His Age; He Also Has a Message for Sony Hackers

No, it’s not the “thank you” below. That’s for fans. Keep reading…


Here’s our favorite movie Wookiee (sorry, I’m just assuming Tarrful isn’t your tgop pick, which is really presumptuous of me, but there ya go) on the set of The Force Awakens, roaring a thank you to fans who donated to UNICEF for a chance to be in the movie. And damn, no gray hairs at all on that furry face!

The full video’s below, but really that still above is all you need to see…beyond the fact that Artoo looks like Artoo, which we already knew.

In an amusing Wookiee-related note, Peter Mayhew also took the time today to Tweet a link response to the Sony hackers…

UNICEF video tip via CBR