First Image From Guy Ritchie’s Man From U.N.C.L.E. Is Adorably Dorky


I used to love the show as a kid, but I was young enough that I saw it as modern and high-tech, even though it was old and in reruns even then. The “ha ha, that’s old and cheesy” approach often falls flat (see The Avengers, Ralph Fiennes edition), but Guy Ritchie doesn’t strike me as a director who’ll do pure camp, even though this is set in the ’60s. A healthy mix of humor and action like in his first films would be perfect.

Anyway, here’s Henry Cavill as Napoleon with Armie Hammer as Ilya (Superman and a guy who was almost Batman; it’s like World’s Finest already), and Alicia Vikander looking really bored and confused by her ’60s costume. Hugh Grant will play boss Alexander Waverly. SPOILER: the bad guys won’t cause a nuclear war or whatever, because it’s the ’60s, so the journey had better be fun, and none of this Mission: Impossible “Waverly is really the bad guy” crap, please.