How to Do Parkour, Step 1: Become an Animated Paper Cutout


YouTube humorist/filmmaker Ryan Higa often focuses on the discrepancies between popular perception and reality, as in his fake Aquaman movie trailer, or Honest University Commercial. His latest is a more sincere flight of fantasy – rather than deconstructing movie-style Parkour, he creates an animated photo cut-out of himself to actually achieve that which he himself is insufficiently athletic to achieve.

The bit where he enters a disc drive and does parkour in his own computer desktop is seriously some inspired stuff. I don’t even have a joke for it, except maybe to say that if Buster Keaton were alive today, and he didn’t collapse in a sobbing heap upon seeing what the world has become, and he could understand computers in a way that no grandpa from his generation ever has before, and somehow each reference could be explained to him in a coherent fashion despite his being a century-old dead guy, I imagine he might say something like “Decent job, Ryan.”

h/t Laughing Squid