In French Comic-Book Adaptation, Semi-Nude Goggle Girl Rides Centaur, Transparent Space Whale


French bandes desinee aren’t always as accessible to the rest of us as they should be – for example, how many of you have read the original comic that Snowpiercer is based on? – but they are frequently intriguing. As best I can glean, Lou! Journal Infime is a comic about a precocious adolescent girl whose immature mother writes sci-fi novel and imagines herself as a sexy superheroine.

It’s getting a live-action movie adaptation soon, and here is one of the animated fantasy sequences from it, featuring a human/My Little Pony hybrid, a sexy space siren and colorful whale guts. How could I not share?

Sidera Opening- from the movie “Lou ! Journal Infime” from Catfish Deluxe on Vimeo.

h/t troi