Looks Like Helena Bonham Carter Won’t Be in Any More Tim Burton Movies


I don’t normally do gossip, but this one feels relevant to our interests – after years of making increasingly mediocre faux-goth movies together, Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter have broken up. The duo never actually got married, presumably because of Burton’s secret same-sex marriage to Johnny Depp.

Signs of trouble presumably emerged when Depp and Bonham Carter did a scene together in The Lone Ranger that was better and less self-conscious than anything in any Tim Burton films of the last decade. When she wasn’t automatically cast in Burton’s latest, Big Eyes, I think we all went WTF? Turns out they’ve been apart for a while.

It’s mean to make fun of people’s pain. But when they have also inflicted cinematic pain upon us, it’s also just too gosh-darn easy.