Mattel’s Post-Retirement Ultimate Warrior Action Figure May Be the Hardest to Get


Part of Ultimate Warrior’s deal with toy companies, subsequent to his in-ring career, was that he would sign over his likeness rights if he could be granted several super-limited variants to sell at exorbitant prices on both eBay and his own website. Now that he’s gone, it remains to be seen if his wife will be as much of a hard-ass negotiator – or even interested in running an eBay store. But his estate just revealed a look at the final one-of-twenty variant figure in his current Mattel deal, and it’s a beaut: Warrior as he appeared at conventions in recent years.

In fact, that “defining moments” label is more appropriate than ever – because the defining moment was meeting me!


See? Same outfit. But this figure will literally cost Hot Toys-level prices, because that’s how Warrior has always rolled.

The good news, though, is that if Mattel actually created a new headsculpt for buzzcut, gray-haired Warrior, they won’t just want to use it once. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in a suit as the next build-a-figure, or maybe even a Monday Night Raw final appearance figure.

Anyway, Mattel, let us know soon. My Iron Sheik figure needs somebody new to yell at.