Weekstarter: Mark Hamill’s Balls, Vaginal Phone Charging and Sriracha Beer


DC’s doing a bunch of comic-book covers based on classic movie posters…and 20 other stories you might have missed this weekend. Compiled with the help of Kyle LeClair, here are some of the best reader submissions from the weekend open thread. This week’s tipsters include SlyDante777, NebulaJack, Gallen_Dugall, troi, Rx79immigrant84, Timley Flower-Hermit

1. Bust a Capcom in Your Wallet’s Ass.

The Mega Man Mega Gun Buster announced this past summer is now available for $80.

2. Eye-Walk the “Line.”

“End of the Line” is an impressive Team Fortress animated short three years in the making.

3. Firecrotch.

Enter the Dragon…Dating Simulator! Be sure to use protection and always wear a suit of armor.

4. Franchises: Genysis Does.

Sega’s looking to make live-action and animated adaptations of Altered Beast, Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Rise of Nightmares, Crazy Taxi, Virtua Fighter, & Golden Axe. R-rated Sonic the Hedgehog, or we riot. Or at least furries will. I’m too lazy.

5. I Choose You – Christian? Jew?

A look at Pokemon’s problems with religion, mostly seemingly invented by people with way too much time on their hands.

6. Use Your Balls, Luke.


The new ball-droid in The Force Awakens is a practical effect, because Mark Hamill said so. He enjoyed rolling with it.

7. Groot Bier.

You know that viral image of the Groot swing that’s been going around? Here’s how you make it.

8. Titans WILL Attack.


After multiple character posters were revealed, here’s a single on for the two-part, live-action Attack on Titan movie. Now how about some footage that isn’t a car commercial?

9. Work It, Work It.

This new Workaholics trailer riffs on Mad Max, has lots of boobs, and then tells us none of it will be in the actual show. Somehow, that seems like it might disappoint some people.

10. Pie Is an Irrational Number.

Don’t mess with an Englishman’s pie, or he’ll petition the government to throw you in jail for mischaracterizing it.

11. Cold One Is a Hot One.


Pardon me, but I think you got your cock sauce in my foamy beverage.

12. Pulp Singer.

This guy is joining the cast of Arrow, in an unsurprisingly beastly role.

13. Kermie by Nature.

I live and die for green frog, Kermit’s a frog for today, I put him in this mash-up, so Hip Hop Hooray!

14. Street-Crossing Pong in Germany.

STREETPONG from HAWK Hildesheim on Vimeo.

I like traffic lights, I like traffic lights, I like traffic lights, that is what I said. I like traffic lights, I like traffic lights, I like traffic lights and now when they are red.

15. Don’t Lose Your Marbles.

Put one inside a balloon instead, and be endlessly amused.

16. Robo-Fish – The Fish Wot’s Robotic.

The video above may be old, but the US Navy readying robotic fish for spy duty? That’s up-to-the-minute news.

17. Seedy Song.

This Welsh ode to watermelons is mercifully free of racism.

18. Vaginal Charge.

A new era is Usher-ed in.

19. Home Slice.

Mocking and testing the world’s sharpest knife. Such cutting words.

20. The Mash-up of the Two Martins.

Saturday Night Live
did a decent Hobbit/The Office mash-up spoof, almost ruined by Bobby Moynihan’s weak English accent. Pro-tip: English people don’t pronounce the word “gas” as “gahs.”