Krysten Ritter Is Marvel’s Jessica Jones (Plus Cumberbatch Is Strange, and Reynolds Is Deadpool)


That’s the B from Apartment 23, and also of Breaking Bad, who is being reported to be the lead of the Marvel Netflix series Jessica Jones. If you’re asking, “Who?”, I’ll refer you to our own Eric Diaz:

Jessica Jones was the star of Brian Michael Bendis’ acclaimed series Alias that ran from 2001 to 2005, and who – after that series ended – appeared in Marvel’s New Avengers comics. The original concept of Alias was that Jessica Jones was once a short-lived super hero named Jewel, a classic-era Marvel heroine with super-strength and super-speed, who wore a stylish sash. Unlike Ms. Marvel and her contemporaries though, “Jewel” was a hero whose career never really took off. Pretty much all washed up, she eventually she gives up her superhero identity altogether and opens a detective agency that specializes in cases of the superheroic kind.

The same report notes that Halo‘s Jameson Locke, Mike Colter, is the frontrunner to play Luke Cage. And in related yet completely unsurprising news, Ryan Reynolds will probably play Deadpool again.

UPDATE: and Benedict Cumberbatch is re-confirmed as Dr. Strange.