The First-Ever Tom Skerritt Action Figure Needs to Be Bigger News


Listen: it is fantastic that Sigourney Weaver finally agreed to let Alien and Aliens figures be based on her specific license, rather than a generic female sculpt. Especially since she allowed the subpar-at-best Avatar figures from Mattel to kinda-sorta look like her.

But without diminishing that, why aren’t more people celebrating the first lifelike Tom Skerritt figure? Star of Alien, M*A*S*H (the movie), Top Gun, The Dead Zone (movie AND TV show), SpaceCamp, Picket Fences and so much more…the man has been acting since 1962, and at last he is immortalized in a pink samurai spacesuit. As a character with the manly name of Dallas.

Skerritt. Real man wearing pink. Toy. This is awesome, you guys. Bow down.