This Fan-Made Lobo Trailer Is Fraggin’ Fun


Editor Joshua Lang says of this short, “We didn’t want to see him CG/VFX’d out, or altered to be PC correct like the New 52, so we made the film reflect how we wanted to see him.”

It’s brief, but Lang also told me there could be more if this one’s popular. And with Lobo not part of any WB movie roadmap so far, it might be the only way we’ll see the bastich in live-action any time soon.

Allow me to suggest, Hollywood, that this might be the one franchise out there we’d be okay with giving to Rob Zombie. Not that I want this filmmaker Jesse V. Johnson out of a job or anything. Maybe Zombie could produce. Lobo’s close enough to the homicidal redneck clowns he’s so fond of.

Lobo – Fan Film. from Jesse V. Johnson on Vimeo.