Weekend Open Thread – Happy Repeal Day!

Matt Chan

Whether you are Democrat, Republican or other, the fact that FDR repealed Prohibition on this day in 1933 makes him one of the greatest presidents of all time in my book.

As I’m sure the first external item anyone will be posting in this thread will be about Roberto Orci and Star Trek 3, let me offer my thoughts on that…

I don’t know what Roberto Orci is like as a director. Nobody does. He hasn’t directed anything before. You might think you can deduce, based on scripts he cowrote for hire, that were approved by committee. But I’m not so sure about that. None of that says how he’d work with actors, what his shot compositions would be like, the editing and soforth.

I met him once, on the set of Ender’s Game, which he produced. He was a huge fanboy for the source material – so much so that I really don’t think anyone involved thought about the obvious controversy – and the final movie is reasonably true to the book. I talked to him about the Transformers ride at Universal, which I’d been on and he hadn’t, and he was thrilled to hear that it used Peter Cullen and Frank Welker’s voices. The guy’s a nerd too. Yes, he sometimes expresses whack-a-doodle political views. But so do Mel Gibson, John Milius and many, many others.

It may be his Star Trek 3 would have sucked. It may not be. I have no idea. I like my friend Scott Mendelson’s suggestion:

I just stand by my view that William Shatner should not be in it. I am agnostic about every other aspect.

MONDAY WILL NOT HAVE A THREAD RECAP…exactly. It will have a list by Kyle recapping the Game Awards, and since any weekend recap would probably have been full of news items he heard and saw from the show anyway, I figured I might as well just give him the floor.