Weekend Open Thread: 2 for LYT

April Killingsworth

I didn’t want to spend the second anniversary of my debut here at Topless Robot with a splitting headache, sopping wet floor, water-damaged comics and toy boxes, and more minimalist posting than I’d planned. But fate laughs when men make plans.

Suffice it to say I’m really proud of all my contributors this year – I’m an editor but I’m also a fan, albeit a fan with the rare power to help you make your work stronger. I’m particularly pleased with the way Charles and then Jim stepped up to doing a weekly comics feature, and Kyle for Robotic Gaming Monthly, which I wish I had the budget to make weekly. No small thanks also to Peggy, my transcriptionist, without whom you’d see a lot fewer interviews on the site. And of course all the great regular commenters – my invisible family with whom I communicate more than my actual family.

This site is always a work in progress, and not all my ideas will be good – but when I look back at last year’s idea submission contest, I think we managed to get a lot of that in here: the column my mother-in-law suggested, the retro-reviews (only really two so far, but still), the live TV threads, the weekly wrestling column, and soforth.

Here’s to the next one.