A Princess Bride Mobile Game Suddenly Exists


Did you think such a game was…hmm, I don’t know…What’s another word for “extremely unlikely”?

Currently, the $4 app features four mini-games, one of which – wrestling Andre the Giant – has been done a time or two before. “Play the world of The Princess Bride and experience all of your favorite scenes!” proclaims the ad copy for the trailer (below), and, well, free downloadable content involving the battle of wits with Vizzini and the Fire Swamp are promised, but if that’s as far as it goes, this purchase might be as ill-advised as a land war in Asia. I guess the assumption is that “your favorite scenes” all happen early on. Me, I’d like to see a game that has you play as Fred Savage trying to selectively block his ears every time Peter Falk says “kiss.”

Though I’d totally watch a cartoon that used these designs.

h/t SlyDante777