Ed Wood’s Plan 9 Remade as a “Serious” Zombie Movie?


This seems like only slightly less bad an idea than trying to redo The Room as an actual romantic drama (pro tip if you try it – Paulette has to actually die from breast cancer). Yes, Edward D. Wood Jr. was trying to make a film about alien grave robbers making the recently deceased rise from their graves, but the real heart of the movie was his entirely wrongheaded parable for nuclear war in the form of “Solaranite” – a space super-weapon that can make sunlight itself explode. Just trying to do the zombie part feels like a cash-in missing the point – and if the goal is to be more serious, casting a Tor Johnson lookalike doesn’t really work.

Then again, maybe this trailer is just hiding the best parts; the poster seems to promise flying saucers, after all. See for yourself.

via Rue Morgue