Friday Nerdy News Roundup and Weekend Open Thread


Programming note: Monday morning’s feature will be Sherilyn Connelly’s coverage of Image Expo in San Francisco yesterday. And how is everyone liking our new, earlier publishing schedule?

Here are a few last things to start your weekend right:

-NECA reveals production art for their next Aliens Ripley action figure (above).

-That time Liam Neeson was on Miami Vice.

Wet Hot American Summer will be a Netflix series, apparently reuniting all its famous alumni.

-A new Friday the 13th video game is coming, and unfortunately re-confirms that the Jason origin TV series is still happening as well.

-Those AT&T ads where the guy talks to kindergartners get a Star Wars makeover.

-Check out all the Star Wars comics now on Comixology.

-Grow your ketchup and fries ingredients on the same plant.

-OF COURSE the Japanese have started a trend of pantsless shabu-shabu.

-More trailers for Lord and Miller’s Last Man on Earth TV show.

-How hard is it to get William Shatner’s permission to use his Tweet on a hoodie?

-Do we live in the past of a parallel universe?

-“Uptown Funk” remixed with more Macho Man Randy Savage.

-The near-inevitable casting of Melissa McCarthy in Ghostbusters 3 gets inevitabler.

-Jennifer Lopez basically puts her new movie’s publicists out of a job.