Georgia Boy Born Missing an Arm Gets a Clone Trooper Replacement


Via the online networking site e-Nable, 7 year-old Liam Porter got more than he bargained for when the 501st Legion connected with the man who was 3-D printing a working Clone Trooper arm for him. Even better, because it comes with a system to slide attachments on and off, the kid can go full Trap-Jaw if he wants – although he has thus far rejected the idea of a sword, correctly noticing, as kids do, that it would have to be too rectangular to really work.

The Augusta Chronicle notes that

“because it is for a kid, that also meant having more fun with it,
“They want it to look as superhero-ish or as robotic as possible,” Peterson said. “To them, it is just cool. And it actually frees us up a lot because now we can feel free to try to experiment and do different things. Like, hey, why not put a clamp on a hand? It’s just a tool anyway.”

To all of us, it is also cool, and that’s why we advocate keeping that inner childishness alive.

I admit I have my trepidations about the “attachments” the kid will want in another ten years…

h/t Gallen_Dugall