Lego Scooby-Doo Is Official – as Toys and TV Specials [UPDATED]


I’m quite happy about the sound of animated specials in particular – Scooby and the gang seem like they could be made more fun with an infusion of Lego’s brand of humor. And I’d hazard a guess that if Lego cartoons are happening, a Lego game might be as well. I presume most of the monsters will pop off their heads at the end and replace them with more flesh-toned versions.

In another first, the Scooby Gang will be animated in LEGO form. In 2015, fans can look forward to a 22-minute LEGO special, featuring Scooby-Doo, and produced in partnership with Warner Bros. Animation. In addition, Warner Bros. Animation will also be producing made-for-video movie titles, which will be released by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment in the coming years.

I’m sure much hay will be made over the fact that the Mystery Machine set above doesn’t come with any female characters, but there are five sets coming, and “the whole gang” is promised.

Now the question remains what they mean by “whole gang.” I’m sure the core four humans are included, but what about Scrappy, Yabba, Scooby-Dee, Scooby-Dum, etc.?

UPDATE: There’s more – check out the giant haunted house set, as well as an announcement that two of the other sets will be “Mummy Museum Mystery” and “Haunted Lighthouse.”

via FBTB