Pants-Crapping Must Wait, as James Cameron Delays Avatar Sequels Again


So it seems that despite all the development, and all the claims that “You will shit yourself with your mouth wide open,” James Cameron never actually had a finished script. Which is the one thing it takes almost no money to do. He says now that his team will be done with the scripts for a trilogy of sequels by the end of the month, and the first of them will come out in 2017, a full eight years after the original.

Does anybody else think that maybe he’s waiting for the Avatar theme park to open first? And that the Avatar theme park designers were really hoping it would be the other way around?

I remember George Lucas in 1984 saying we’d have to wait until 1990 for Episode I. Let’s not do that dance again. Hell, let’s not do the Sin City 2 dance again either. Sam Worthington may not get a lot of offers in the meantime, but Zoe Saldana is gonna be busy being green for a while.