Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is Raid-ing Some Familiar Indonesian Ass-Kickers


Twitchfilm has some pretty great news for fans of space fights.

Though there has been no comment whatsoever from any of the performers or their representation, Twitch has learned that a key trio of performers from Gareth Evans’ The Raid and The Raid 2 – leading man Iko Uwais, Mad Dog / Prakoso actor Yayan Ruhian and The Raid 2 finale fighter Cecep Arif Rahman, credited simply as The Assassin – will all appear in JJ Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars: Episode 7 – The Force Awakens.

The Wrap has corroborated.

Though nothing in The Raid and its sequel specifically correlates to lightsabers, the action is fast and brutal to the point of looking like it could have been powered by midichlorians. Worry only about whether someone like Mark Hamill can be made to look convincing defeating them. Or, perhaps, how you’ll customize the action figures into Raid toys.

Maybe JJ will pull the old Harrison Ford gag, and have Han simply shoot them after they’ve showed off some fancy moves. Anyway, if you missed the Raid 2 sizzle clip in the Best Movies list earlier today, here it is again to give you a sense of what you could be in for…

h/t Lou Rosen.